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Legal Events

  • Chaired by Daniel D. Bartfeld, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy Latin Lawyer’s 2nd Annual Regional Project Finance Summit promises a tour of the latest project finance opportunities across Latin America, as well as briefing attendees on the latest trends emerging in key sectors, cutting edge financing structures and government-led infrastructure programmes. The summit is being chaired by Daniel Bartfeld of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. The event will have a heavy presence of speakers from some of the region’s busiest lenders. Speakers so far include names from the Inter-American Development Bank, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Credit Agricole. They are joined by prominent companies in the project finance sphere, such as ICPower and Pacific Hydro. The day will begin with a geographical focus, concentrating on countries where there are significant project finance opportunities. The opening panel will be on Mexico, where the opening up of the energy sector has dominated the headlines for much of the year. With the secondary legislation finally passed, by November there will be much to discuss – from the risks and rewards presented by the new oil and gas bidding schemes to working out where all the necessary capital will come from. After a coffee break, the second panel will compare and contrast two Andean countries’ ambitious infrastructure programmes. Both the Peruvian and Colombian governments have laid out large-scale agendas, but how are they progressing? Panellists will consider strategies used by both countries to attract funding and minimise lenders’ risk and look at opportunities and challenges in each – including the stories of success in Peru’s power sector and the impact of Colombia’s peace process on the development of its oil & gas infrastructure. The conference will then turn to the sectors, financing structures and infrastructure programmes that are the key drivers for project finance across Latin America. Renewable energy continues to be a top priority in countries such as Chile, Mexico and Uruguay, while others, like Colombia, are starting to look for ways to incorporate more solar and wind energy into their energy matrices. A panel will consider the latest trends in renewables financings in Chile and Uruguay, discuss the interplay between mining projects and diversified power supply and look at opportunities in burgeoning markets. After a networking lunch, the conversation will move on to specific financing structures, with an up-to-date look at the use of bonds and private placements as a means to finance projects in Latin America, touching on Brazil and other countries where the structure is used heavily. Speakers will discuss how to structure project bonds to obtain an optimal rating and ask whether 144A or private placements work best for Latin American issuers. They will also present new techniques for mitigating construction risk and negative carry and look at successful case studies around the region. After another coffee break, the final panel will centre on Latin America’s PPP pipeline, with speakers highlighting the main drivers and contemplating fiscal restraint and regulatory change in key economies such as Brazil. They will also present recent success stories and sectors to watch from around the region as well as looking at the role of multilaterals and ECAs in boosting infrastructure projects. For further information or sponsorship enquiries, please contact LLevents@LatinLawyer.com Early Booking Rate tickets are now available at the price of USD$1,050 - don't miss out!

  • This event will be hosted by the DIAC in association with Dubai Arbitration Week. For further informaion, or to make a reservation please contact Alec Emmerson on alec.emmerson@clydeco.ae

  • As key institutional changes take place at EU level and digital issues rank high in the European Commission’s agenda, a stock taking exercise on the achievements of the EU pro-competitive model will soon begin. The European Competitive Telecommunications Association’s annual conference will contribute to this exercise by shedding light on the performance of the EU telecommunications sector, exploring industry success stories, fostering debate on the completion of the Digital and Telecoms Single Market and on how to ensure that the future of telecoms in Europe looks bright for consumers and industry alike. In a series of keynote speeches, workshops and panels, high-level policy makers and industry leaders will debate key policy questions.