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Notary Public Services

At Scornik Gerstein LLP, we can provide notary public services for the purposes of witnessing documentation which often needs to be used in other jurisdictions.


We are able to provide our services to businesses or for individual needs. We understand that some elements of a notary public services can be complicated, which is why we offer a one-on-one consultation so that you can fully understand the matters at hand.


Our public notary services include:

  • Certifying copies of other documents such as examination certificates.
  • Buying or selling property abroad.
  • Transferring property.
  • Setting up a Power of Attorney for use abroad.
  • Making a statutory declaration or swearing an oath or affidavit.
  • Confirming your single status in order to marry abroad.
  • Obtaining duplicate documents for lost passports or your other important documents.
  • Having your contracts authenticated by a notary.
  • Having a commercial translation certified by a notary.
  • Assigning patents, trademarks or domain names.
  • Handling any document for use abroad that requires a notary stamp.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Legal Pulse

Legal Events

  • On Thursday, 10 May 2018 a collection of the very best private practice and in-house lawyers, as well as experts from across the globe, will convene in London for the 5th Annual Who's Who Legal Awards ceremony.