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At Scornik Gerstein LLP, the Family Law department provides a wide range of services, in a reliable and efficient manner. We realise that matters in Family Law are personal, and therefore we work hard to make you feel comfortable by dealing with your case sensitively.


As we are a Spanish law firm with ample experience in both Spanish and English Family Law, we are able to expertly deal with cross-border matrimonial matters between Spain and England. For example, we have all the necessary knowledge of making pre-nuptial agreements that meet the provisions required in both Spain and England.


At Scornik Gerstein LLP we are able to make arrangements for recognising and enforcing foreign orders of the Court in Spain and the United Kingdom (in some cases referred to as exequatur). Furthermore, we have expertise of the effect that various conventions and directives have upon the recognition and enforcement of foreign orders. We assist in recognising foreign marriages, divorces, nullities or judicial separations, including polygamy. In divorce cases, we can also assist with the recognition of foreign maintenance orders for the support of children. The number of families formed of members from different countries is ever increasing, and unfortunately this leads to an increase in potential disputes, for example international child abductions. In these international Family Law matters we utilize our extensive experience of cross-border legal issues, as well as the knowledge and information obtained as member of several renowned international associations.


Additionally, the lawyers at Scornik Gerstein LLP provide the personalised legal assistance required in matters related to filiation and paternity. National and international adoptions, emancipation and declaration of incapacity also require careful consideration. Our lawyers are experts in the legal procedures of these matters, and are therefore able to offer our clients comprehensive advice.


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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  • On Thursday, 10 May 2018 a collection of the very best private practice and in-house lawyers, as well as experts from across the globe, will convene in London for the 5th Annual Who's Who Legal Awards ceremony.